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Dr. Lee Burnham, Director of the Rocky Mountain Center for Human Development, is well known for his work with troubled teens, parents, and families. He is committed to the development of approaches to prevent problems rather than to just wait for them to occur.

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Learning by doing, each scuba experience is tailored to the specific needs, abilities and experiences of each individual student.                          visit rockymountainaquatics.com



We provide individual, marriage and family counseling. We have created a test of the home environment that is available online. You can see the test and print a copy by simply clicking on: TEST Feel free to make copies of the test for use in school or community groups.

Dr. Burnham's book A Parent Toolkit for Success with Children is available to help parents be more effective in their efforts


Many individuals do not have a physical activity program of any kind to provide a source of regular physical exercise. This lack of activity can cause mild to severe depression. Many individuals and families have problems that are simply a part of the normal process of growth and emotional maturation in children. One of our programs, Rocky Mountain Aquatics, creates and operates an extensive aquatics-based activity program to help children, adults and families to get involved in stress-free physical activity. Effective physical activity programs for children and teens can prevent problems with gangs. drugs, and poor school performance. We conduct classes and make presentations on a variety of topics of interest to community groups. For further information on any of these programs call or email us.


We do management consulting and training to develop a more positive and productive climate in the work place based on research on factors which contribute to effective organizations. We work with business leaders and managers to create Quality Management Systems and psychologically healthy work environments.

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